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DIK-5532  i penetrometer

 (Digital Cone Penetrometer) NEW!

Main unit and Data Display

Data screen
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Main Characteristic

・Digital Cone Penetrometer measures a soil compaction in
  situ easily.

・With Bluetooth communication!
  Free from a complex wiring.

・Built-in GPS Display can measure and save data of  maximum 1000 measurements.

・Built-in data logger and battery, integrated style!

・Easily obtaining of measurement data and setting
 of measurement condition by Data display.

・Printing with a wireless printer.

・This product can be measured at a constant speed by
 displaying an indication of penetration rate.

< Attention>
It can not be used in only the Main unit.
 It requires a Data
     Main unit
Power source size C battery 2 pieces
Dimension 345mm x 212mm x 144mm (including handle)
(Except spindle, Data display, cone)
Weight Approx. 4kg
Measurement range  Cone base area(2cm²) x Measurement Depth(cm)  : Measurement range(kPa)

cone 2cm² x 30cm : 179 ~ 4903
cone 2cm² x 60cm : 191 ~ 4903
cone 2cm² x 90cm : 204 ~ 4903
Memory capacity 1,000 measurements
Accessories cone 2cm² 2pcs., spindle 30cm 1pc., spindle 60cm 1pc.
     Data display
Power source Lithium-ion battery (Rechargeable battery)
Dimension Approx. 144mm x 72mm x 7.8mm
Weight Approx. 141g
Communication method Bluetooth
File format CSV
DIK-5532-51 Mobile printer (Only for DIK-5532)
DIK-5532-52 Replace paper for Mobile printer, (DIK-5532-51)

Bluetooth module is conformed under the following countries.
Canada : "Contains Transmitter module IC : 4389B-EYSFCN" & "Contains IC : 4389B-EYSFCN"
USA(FCC) : "Contains Transmitter Module FCC ID:RYYEYSFCN" & "Contains FCC ID:RYYEYSFCN"